• Rhonda

Can we mention the SNOW?

I haven't talked about the snow much. But we have gotten MUCH snow, lol. Three Nor'easters in three weeks this winter and an early cold snap that had us wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

But we hung in there. Eric learned how to get the house warmer and how our heating system worked. (Wood boiler). We learned that wind in a particular direction turns our living room into a freezer...literally. I never knew that wind could blow through walls and window frames...it does. We learned that under 15 degrees its hard to keep the house above 65. Over twenty and we are as warm and toasty and we want.

Eric has become BFF's with the snow blower we bought used in the fall. It has worked like a CHAMP! Thankfully. Its a club Cadet with a 46" cut. It blows snow p[probably 15 feet into the air. Looks like milk coming out of it. I am impressed every time he is out there.

The best part of the snow is how beautiful it is. It is stunning here after a wet snow. Just amazing. This last storm dumped probably 15 inches or more on us and it was just beautiful.

This is another beautiful phenomenon. Notice the ice tipped trees. I am constantly in awe at the beauty outside my door.

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