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Fresh from Our Oyster Garden

Oyster Mushrooms growing on an old maple log in our front yard! YUM!!!

Amazing what you can find growing around your property. I mention mushrooms to Eric and their anti-inflammatory properties and he says," There are mushrooms growing in the front yard"! #antiinflammatory, #wildmushrooms

They grow on old Maple logs....

“There are MUSHROOMS growing in the front yard"!

So, I googled mushrooms and found out that they were oyster mushrooms. To eat or not to eat.... Well, I also found out that even if I was wrong the look a likes are not poisonous.


I searched how to clean Oyster Mushrooms. Found out you use a pastry brush or paint brush, (new one), and brush off the dirt. Also, don't clean in water until ready to cook. They store for quite a bit. I put mine out in the mud room and even though the temperatures were below freezing they weren't ruined!

Now, how could I cook them up so that Eric would eat them?? He HATES mushrooms.

I cleaned them up and sliced them about 1/4 inch thick. whisked together some fresh garlic, thyme, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper lemon juice, olive oil. Tossed the strips in this and let them sit for a few minutes. Then I put the marinated strips on a foil lined cookie sheet and put them in a 425 degree oven. Cooked them until they were crispy. (5-7 minutes, flip them about 1/2 way). Check closely depending on how thick yours are they might cook quicker.

Can I say..WOW??? They were awesome. And....are you ready for this?? Eric loved them too! We ate them like crispy French fries right off the tray. Really, really good.

I had so many that my neighbor benefitted from the great find and I also dehydrated some in my oven. Again, just slice them up and put them on a rack at about 200 degrees. I put a wooden spoon in my oven door to keep it cracked. Just watch them and when they seem pretty dried out take them out and let them cool. I stored mine in a mason jar. They are still good. Going into a stew this week!

Moral to the story of the wild mushrooms? Worth picking and learning about and very tasty!

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