• Rhonda

Mrs. Doubtfire

I felt the need to share with you a bit about Mrs. Doubtfire. Stray Cats and Kittens have an uncanny affinity for finding us. And our move to Maine brought a furry feline to our house. A Long Haired Calico that loves to eat! Rumor had it that she was left behind when her owners got sick and never returned.

Mrs. Doubtfire showed up one night while we were eating dinner with the neighbors. She was peaking through the side windows of the front door, going back and forth and crying, "Hey, I am hungry too!". Eric of course went out and gave her some food. She ate it like she hadn't eaten in a while. Of course she came back the next evening around the same time. This turned into a ritual and she would come running from wherever she had been as if saying...Ohhh, Hellooo, did you say dinner?

She eventually started sleeping in the attic when it turned cold. My two cat babies were scared to death of her and we were concerned that the three of them might not get along. Eric also has a bit of a cat allergy, so the long hair in the house wasn't going to work either.

Good News!! Our farming neighbors were in want of another barn cat to keep their cat Emmet company. Mrs. Doubtfire was a bit bossy, but we decided it was worth a try. We got her in a travel cage and took her to Janet and Jason. Janet had a pen all set up to give her a little time to get used to the barn. She stayed in there for about a week and then was released to roam at will. The result?? 3 months later she is a very happy barn cat as seen above with Janet. Emmet below is her new Barn Friend ,Emmet!

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