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Mud Room Remodel

Truth be told we wanted to start the kitchen first, but.....we didn't have a warm place to store material and stuff for the kitchen update. Eric, my ever ingenious spouse, decided the open platform, mudroom should be enclosed and converted to a mud room, pantry, coat closet. Great idea!

This is a picture looking from the platform down into the garage, to give you a feel for how it was prior to starting the walls.

Eric had to straighten the ceiling due to the swail in the roof and add a beam before he could get started. And as has been true for the old house stuff had to straightened as best he could do.

You can see out the window to the garage below!

After getting that squared (no pun intended) up, he framed in the pantry and closet.

and then.....

It was coming together at this point. I could finally see how it was going to look. Remember, I am not the builder with a vision. Eric is the KING of seeing something and then building it.

That's me with no makeup and my winter Fleece painting my new pantry! YES! I am very excited. For those of you that have never lived in an old farmhouse....there is no storage. This is awesome. We now have room to empty kitchen cabinets and store things while we transform our kitchen.

This picture is the mud room and the coat rack Eric made. Isn't it great? He took a piece of lumber out of the barn that had bark left on it and sanded it a bit and stained it. We added cast iron coat hooks and some cool old stuff on the shelf. Love it!

On to the kitchen.......

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