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Our First Fall at the Farmhouse

What a spectacle of color! Mother Nature was definitely throwing a "Grand Finale before Winter"! Golds, Reds and fiery Orange!

Everyone talks about the fall colors.....We definitely had a kaliedescope this fall.

You really can't get a picture to be as vibrant as seeing the colors in person.

Eric and I had our first visitors from California during the Fall. Dear friends Ardelene and Jerry. We took a drive up to Baxter State Park and had a picnic lunch. Also took in a great meal at the famous "Grammy's" Most of all enjoyed the company!

We also had our favorite Floridians up for a visit. Perfect timing too. The colors were in full swing!

Brotherly love during the Fall visit.

Fall Harvest Bounty

The brothers found some amazing apples just waiting to be picked at the golf course and along the side of the road. Left over baby potatoes in a potato field. Garden bounty from our Amish neighbors, and fresh pressed cider...more on that soon. Oh did I forget to mention the Fresh Lobstah Hanging around??

#lobster #lovefamilyvisits

Our first Fall was "ripe" with excitement and new experiences.

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